The Webster Technique: Positioning You & Your Baby for a Healthy Pregnancy & Beyond

For any expecting mother, there are thousands of things that may go through your mind? Is my baby healthy? Is my baby a boy or a girl? When will my baby make their debut? But has it ever crossed your mind regarding the position of your baby in the uterus or if they have enough room to grow and develop properly? Could the Webster Technique help position my baby?

What is considered an optimal position for the baby?

The most optimal position during birth is when the baby is head-down, facing towards the front of the mother’s body. This decreases the stress on the baby’s developing spine and nervous system, and situates the baby to fit and rotate properly within the pelvis during the delivery process.

But, we all know that sometimes that baby just is not in the optimal position. How do babies acquire a less than optimal position? It is primarily due to imbalances within the mother’s pelvis. In other words, she has a subluxation. Subluxations of the pelvis and sacrum can have a direct impact on the uterus and its position within the mother’s pelvis. This can be a result of an altered posture, lifestyle demands such as carrying an older child, occupational stresses, or even prior traumas.

How can Webster technique help?

Larry Webster, founder of the Webster technique, developed a specific sacral adjustment for pregnant women to help balance the pelvic muscles and ligaments. The Webster technique focuses on increasing space within the mother’s pelvis by reducing subluxations. When an imbalance is present, the pelvis and sacrum become restricted from movement. This lack of movement creates tightness in the mother’s muscles and ligaments and places tension on the uterus, stress and pressure on the baby. It also decreases the amount of room for movement of the baby.  However, when the Webster technique is applied, the subluxation is corrected, creating more space for the baby to move and guiding them to a comfortable head-down position.

What can you expect?

The Webster technique is a safe and gentle chiropractic adjustment. No direct stress is ever applied to the baby. It specifically addresses the movement and neurological function of the sacrum and pelvis. A low force is applied to the sacrum either with a drop piece (from the table) or by using an activator. Then, a lower abdominal adjustment on the round ligament reduces any additional tension. After the adjustment, you may notice a more symmetric looking pregnancy belly. It is also common to feel more kicks and  movement by the baby due to the extra space you have now provided.

When can Webster technique be performed?

The Webster technique is beneficial to all women who are expecting! It is best administered as early as possible to prevent or address any misalignment that is currently present. With that being said, it is never too late to see a chiropractor. Even if you are 38 weeks along, you can still achieve the many benefits chiropractic has to offer.

Additional benefits of Chiropractic medicine for pregnancy:

  • Relieving low back and hip pain as well as other joint pains
  • Address the growing pains of the round ligament
  • Decrease muscle tension from the additional carried weight
  • Improve sciatica symptoms
  • Reduce heartburn
  • Influence an easier birthing process
  • Happier mom and baby!

Don’t forget about your post-pregnancy care for mom and baby!

After the hard work you and your baby have accomplished during labor and delivery, aches and discomforts can be normal. Your body is trying to re-adjust to its pre-pregnancy state on top of becoming acclimated to your new mom responsibilities. Chiropractic care can help speed up the recovery process by alleviating pain and inflammation, balancing your pelvis and spine, and helping you return to your full strength and function.

Being born is also tough work for your baby! Their journey into this new world came with lots of pressure and forces. This can result in misalignments in their tiny little spines. When not addressed, it can lead to various challenges such as colic, reflux, and difficulty nursing. 

How can we help?

At Watkins Family Chiropractic, we have a team of Savage, MN chiropractors that are educated in the Webster technique. We can also provide additional modalities such as muscle release, lifestyle modifications, and exercises to provide you and your baby the most optimal pregnancy experience. Beyond your pregnancy, Watkins Family Chiropractic is here to continue your care as you begin this new exciting journey with your family!


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