171281116Let’s face it; we now live in a technology day and age. Many adults now spend more hours of the day using laptops and phones than they do asleep, a survey has revealed. Not only are our bodies affected by the lack of sleep but the posture we use looking at our media devices! We spend most of our day with rounded shoulders and a forward head posture, which leads to added stress on our cervical and thoracic spine and the associated musculature.

Poor posture can cause tension-type pain, which you may describe as an achy or annoying feeling in your neck and upper back.  Over time, tension builds up and can lead to chronic headaches and upper back pain, which eventually may start to interfere with your daily activities.

According to a study by The Walton Centre for Neurology and Neurosurgery, chronic tension type headaches are defined as daily or frequent episodes of headaches and neck pain lasting minutes to days. It affects 4.1% of the general population in the USA, and is more prevalent in women. Since it took years to develop our poor posture, we, unfortunately, cannot fix it with a snap of our fingers.

So what can we do to help alleviate the tension headaches, neck pain, and upper back pain? Chiropractic care has been proven effective in the treatment of these conditions.  At Watkins Family Chiropractic, we focus on the misalignments in your spine, which we correct with the spinal adjustments.  We also focus on the tight musculature, which we treat with personalized stretches, exercises, and physiotherapies (such as electric stimulation), on the problem areas. We also have a rehab traction area to address the curve in your cervical spine.

Contact Watkins Family Chiropractic today at 952-440-4553 for more information. We’re ready to help you!  Dr. Josh Watkins and Dr. Aaron Pfaff provide chiropractic adjustments and treatment for tension headaches to patients in Savage, Prior Lake, Burnsville and surrounding cities in Scott County, Minnesota.

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