Treating Acute and Overuse Injuries

As I was driving around Savage this morning, I noticed a group of young people out for a run. It looks like the cross country runners from the Prior Lake High School are getting a jump-start on the upcoming season. It got me wondering how many of those athletes are, or soon would be, suffering from a sports-related overuse injury. Unfortunately, it appears it may be a high number.

According to SAFE KIDS USA, of all sports-related injuries seen in emergency rooms, children ages 5 to 14 represent almost 40 percent of these injuries. And, the severity of the injury increases as the child’s age increases.

When we think of injuries, we usually think of acute injuries - sprained ankles, broken bones, dislocated joints, muscle strains, and injuries to the back.  However, SAFE KIDS USA reports that almost 50 percent of injuries can be attributed to overuse – continually stressing the body in the same fashion over a period of time.

At Watkins Family Chiropractic, we treat many athletes with acute injuries.  And, with the increasing trend towards overuse injuries, we know that keeping your spine in proper alignment benefits athletes in many ways, including:

  1. Allowing the entire body to function at its very best
  2. Increasing performance levels
  3. Recovering from an injury more quickly and easily – and without medication

The best medicine is by far prevention.  Parents, coaches and athletes should all work together to keep children as safe not only during games, but also during practice sessions.  Wearing the proper equipment at all times and getting sufficient rest – especially after an injury – all help prevent injuries.

Give us a call or schedule online if you have an injury, or would like to help maintain your peak performance.  We’re here to help keep you in the game!

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