After a long Minnesota winter, many individuals are itching to get outside and enjoy the festivities that accompany spring.  One of those activities enjoyed by many is gardening; however, individuals often anticipate the aches and pains that come along with it.

Listed below are a few tips and tricks to help prevent injury and care for the health of your back.


  1. Warm-up

Gardening is a vigorous activity and because of this your body needs to be properly warmed up.  It’s no surprise injuries arise when suddenly we are asking our bodies to twist, turn, lift, and pull after being less active during the winter months.  Going for a short 5-10 minute walk or stretching prior to gardening can significantly decrease your risk of back pain!

  1. Pace Yourself

Spring and summer fill up fast between graduation parties, golf tournaments, weddings, lake days, and the list goes on.  All of a sudden you look at your calendar and you have one weekend left open and a big gardening job ahead!  Set realistic goals about what you want accomplished, pace yourself, and take frequent breaks to stretch and hydrate.

  1. Body Mechanics

If possible, raise the garden off the ground or user planters to avoid bending over.  If you must bend, don’t bend at the waist and reach.  Instead, position yourself close to the ground and cushion your knees.  There are also garden tools with long handles available to help avoid the reaching motion.  When it comes to lifting heavy pots, bushes, or watering cans use a wheel barrow to help make transferring these heavy objects easier and remember to lift using the strength of your legs.

  1. Switch it up

By alternating activities your body can switch up its posture and which muscles are being stressed often helping to avoid those repetitive-motion injuries.  Divide your tasks up into smaller sections that allow your body to change position and give muscles a break.

  1. Visit your chiropractor at Watkins Family Chiropractic!

Visiting your chiropractor on a regular basis can help identify and treat underlying spinal problems that could predispose your body to injury or make those aches and pains worse.  Being proactive about your spinal health will help ensure you continue to enjoy the joys and benefits of gardening.

The doctors here at Watkins Family Chiropractic are ready to help you prevent any injuries or help get rid of your pain, so that you are able to keep that flower bed free of weeds! If you or anyone you know in the Savage, Prior Lake, Burnsville, or Shakopee areas, are experiencing pain while gardening, give us a call; we would be glad to give you an assessment.